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CE/ENE 487 Microbiology for Environmental Science and Engineering


Web of Science

Includes the Institute for Scientific Information Citation Indexes - Arts & Humanities, Social Science, and Science and indexes articles from nearly 9,300 selected scholarly research journals.  Searchable by keyword and author.   Also possible to do cited reference searching.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that Google Scholar does not index all available resources.   It is recommended that you should search indexes that cover your subject/research areas first.



SciFinder is a research tool that allows you to access the world's largest collection of biochemical, chemical, chemical engineering, medical, and other related information. SciFinder provides access to the CAplus database of chemical literature and U.S. and foreign chemical-related patents, to CASREACT, to the Registry database from Chemical Abstracts Service, and to Medline. It includes journal articles, book chapters, patents, conference proceedings, technical reports, substance database.

Other Chemistry Indexes & Databases




Worldwide coverage of journals and conference publications in all areas of engineering.Features1. Indexes materials from 1884 to the present.2. Indexes journals, conferences, reports, parts of books, and dissertations.3. Can search using keyworks, subjects, author names, titles of journals, etc. 4. Can limit search results by type of publication, language,focus of article, and year of publlication.5. Can analyze search results.6. Links to full-text of materials that MSU subscribes to.

Other Engineering Indexes & Databases



Covers every major agricultural subject, including agricultural engineering and marketing, animal breeding, entomology, environmental pollution, farm management, foods and feeds, pesticides, rural sociology, veterinary medicine, and water resources. Citations consist of journal articles, book chapters, monographs, conference proceedings, serials, technical reports, and other materials on a range of agricultural topics.

ASABE Technical Library

Online access to all American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Technical Library (ASABE) journals, standards, meeting and conference papers, textbooks, and monographs beginning with 2001. ASABE's journals are refereed publications: Applied Engineering in Agriculture (vol.13/1997); Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health (vol.1/1995) ; Transactions of the ASABE (vol.40/1997); Biological Engineering (vol.1/2008)

CAB Abstracts

CAB covers the subject of agriculture in the broadest sense. It includes: agronomy, biotechnology, crop protection, dairy science, economics, environmental degradation and remediation, forestry, genetics, herbicides, irrigation, leisure, recreation and tourism, microbiology, nutrition, parasitology, rural development, veterinary medicine and much more. Journals, monographs, conferences, books, annual reports and other sources from more than one country are scanned regularly for inclusion in the database.

Other Agricultural Indexes & Databases

Enviromental Science


Bioone Complete

BioOne launched its original aggregation, BioOne.1, with 40 titles in 2001. In January 2007 BioOne added BioOne.2, a complementary collection of 40 new titles. Now at maturity, BioOne Complete about 200 high-impact publications. BioOne.1 provides the scholarly community with a must-have collection of critical, high-quality titles across the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.


Environment Complete

This database provides coverage of areas as agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, renewable energy sources, natural resources, marine & freshwater science, geography, pollution & waste management, environmental technology, environmental law, public policy, social impacts, urban planning, and more.

Environmental Science Index

Major areas of coverage include: Air Pollution, Marine Pollution, Freshwater Pollution, Sewage and Wastewater Treatment, Waste Management, Land Pollution, Toxicology and Health, Noise, Radiation, Environmental Action.

Other Environmenal Studies Indexes & Databases

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