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Computer Game Design and Development Resources

Getting Started

The purpose of this guide is to provide people involved with or interested in the design, development and publishing of computer, Internet, and video games a starting point for finding information resources.

No one source will lead to all of the information available on this topic so information on finding books, articles, databases, indexes, websites, and other materials related to digital  games and the tools used to develop them is included in this guide.

The MSU Libraries provides users with a way to search all of its resources including books, journal articles, and other information sources from one search box or to search for specific types of resources such as articles and books.

Using the single search box has many of the same advantages and disadvantages as doing a Google search.  It allow users to search all of the MSU Libraries resources with one search.  No need to search for books using the online catalog and then do another search to find journal articles.   And like Google the search results can be very large making it hard to find the items that are the most useful.
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