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Michigan State University

Primary Resources for French Studies: Center for Research Libraries

This is a guide for finding primary sources about France/the French, including Special Collections' French Monarchy Collection. Last updated 06-26-2023

Center for Research Libraries

The Center for Research Libraries is in Chicago.  It is a library for libraries; MSU Libraries is a member library.  CRL, as it is known, collects theses/dissertations, newspapers, government documents, and other primary source materials that no one member library can afford, needs to afford, or has room to house but that scholars might want to use for in-depth work. CRL's collections are particularly strong in primary sources from other countries.  We borrow materials from CRL for our patrons to use via interlibrary loan; use the forms in our Interlibrary Services page.

Center for Research Libraries online catalog 

Finding French and Francophone Special Collections links to an online database about specialized French and Francophone collections in libraries in the U.S. developed by CIFNAL, CRL's cooperative program in French studies.  After clicking on the link to enter it, click on the word Collections in the top bar.  Now click on the first line of the table you see and you should see a bigger view of this database along with navigational buttons at the top.  The default view has the name of the holding institution, the name of the collection, a short description of it, and a link to further information IN the website of the holding library, way over on the right.  You have to drag the thin, gray bar at the bottom of the screen to the right to see the latter.  Clicking on the hidden fields button allows you to see more aspects of the entry.  Clicking on the filter button allows you do do a search for words.  Try using the other buttons. 

French and Francophone Digital Humanities Projects links to an online guide from the University of Florida Libraries that lists DH projects by country.  This guide has been endorsed by CIFNAL, CRL's cooperative program in French studies.

ICON International Coalition on Newspapers

"Comprehensive source of information about significant newspaper collections in print, digital and micro formats."  Use the Advanced Search.  Put in your country, language, and range of dates desired.  Various news titles will be retrieved, with dates of coverage.