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Primary Resources for French Studies: Online Catalog

This is a guide for finding primary sources about France/the French, including Special Collections' French Monarchy Collection.

Online Catalog

We have a new online catalog fall semester, 2023, which is ungoing various improvements.  It does not work exactly the way these older directions below portray.  Some of the information about subject headings may still be useful.

Attaching as sub-headings in your search words such as sources, archival resources, correspondence, pamphlets, periodicals, personal narratives, or documents, will pull up primary source material. Periodicals written at the time of an event may include observations or comments on current affairs, for example. People’s letters are primary sources, as are government produced materials. Some examples: Manet, Edouard 1832-1883--correspondence.
France--history--sources. Painting--French--sources.

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