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Primary Resources for French Studies: EEB, EEBO and ECCO

This is a guide for finding primary sources about France/the French, including Special Collections' French Monarchy Collection.


Early European Books (EEB) Collection 12

These primary sources are only accessible to MSU Community people. Contains about 1,200 titles from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris. Collection 12 contains works on French history, beginning with the times of ancient Gaul and continuing through the Middle Ages up to and including the early modern period. The titles include royal biographies and genealogy, provincial chronicles, memoirs of senior statesmen, ecclesiastical history, works on classical times, histories of Europe, of the Middle East, of the Holy Land and accounts of the New World, works on military history, antiquities and numismatics.  Dates of printing are from the earliest incunabula (pre 1501 items) to items dating from the late 17th century.  Search by place of publication, publisher/printer, subject heading, USTC classification code, title, author, or keyword.  Most items published Paris.  Full texts may be seen in PDF form or as "image full texts", like a facsimile.


EECO and ECCO, both available to MSU Community people,  contain full-texts of works printed/published in England or in English-speaking places between 1475-1700 (EEBO) and 1701-1800 (ECCO). Both databases contain works printed/published in French as well as translations of major French works of these eras into English. If the work you seek is indexed in these databases but does not have its full-text online, it will be available to you on microfilm in most cases, in one of three film sets now located in Remote Storage: STC I (items printed 1475-1640), STC II (items printed 1641-1700) and Eighteenth Century #17435 (items printed 1701-1800). To request films from Remote Storage e-mail The entries in EEBO and ECCO provide the reel number and position on the reel.  Links to both of these electronic resources are below:

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