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Primary Resources for French Studies: Reference Sources

This is a guide for finding primary sources about France/the French, including Special Collections' French Monarchy Collection.

Reference Sources

Routledge Guide to European Political Archives, Sources Since 1945.  Main CD 1002 .C67 2012

Provides a wide-ranging survey of the non-governmental archive sources for historians of post-war Europe.  Use this to find where the records of significant individuals, organizations, etc. are located.  This period is now attracting serious historical research.  Reconstruction of Europe, birth of social democracy, beginning of European integration, relations with Eastern Europe, the Cold War, de-colonisation, fall of communism, etc.  Aims to embrace a wide spectrum of European political activism, from libertarians to environmentalists, economists and human rights people, campaigners for women's rights, peace activists, anti-globalists, trade unionists, leaders of student movements, anarchists, and more.  Selected archive addresses and websites given. 3 parts: alphabetical arrangement of info on individuals, where to go to find their papers; guide to archives of international non-gov. organizations; guide to archives of political parties and movements.

Michigan State University