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Women in Medieval Society: Doing History

This is a guide to researching women in the Middle Ages in England and Western Europe

Doing History

Recent general books on writing history.  These sources have research and/or writing tips.

Princeton Guide to Historical Research Main D 16 .S345 2021

Essential Guide to Writing History Essays Main D 16 .A58 2020

Ever-Changing Past: Why All History is Revisionist History Main D 13 .B36 2021

Pocket Guide to Writing in History Main D 13 .R295 2021

Why History? a History  Main D 13 .B56 2020

Student's Guide to History, Main D 16.3 .B4 2010

Barzun and Graff, Modern Researcher, Main LB 2369 .B28 2004

Mann, Oxford Guide to Library Research.  Main Z 710 .M23 2015