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Tests and Testing Information: Published Tests

A guide to research instruments--it's complicated, don't hesitate to ask for help.

Published Tests

All of these items, except Tests in Print and Mental Measurements Yearbook, are quite old.

  • Mental Measurements Yearbook (also called: Buros or MMY)
    Call number: BF 431 .A1 M4
    Location: Online or Main Library Reference, 1 Center, latest edition.

    Each edition of MMY provides descriptive information, references, and critical reviews of new or newly revised, commercially available, English language tests. Entries are quite lengthy and include title, purpose (a quote from the test), target population, publication date, scores, administration (group or individual), price, time, authors, publisher and cross references to earlier MMY entries. It is arranged alphabetically with subject, publisher, personal name and score* indexes. Test numbers, rather than page numbers are used for reference throughout.
  • Tests In Print
    Call number: BF 431 .A1 M47
    Location: Online as Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print or Main Library, 2 East

    Tests in Print, (TIP) is a comprehensive, descriptive listing of commercially published tests available for purchase. It also serves as a cumulative index to the volumes of Mental Measurements Yearbook. TIP is not published annually, the sixth and latest edition was published in 2002, but published tests do not go out of print as readily as books, so new editions remain useful for several years. Like its companion volumes MMY, the set is arranged alphabetically with acronym, classified subject, publisher, personal name and score* indexes. Test numbers, rather than page numbers are used for reference throughout.

    *Score in this context refers to the name of the variable the test measures. It can be a much more specific subject related indexing term than the actual subject index.
  • ETS Test Collection Catalog
    Call number: LB 3051 .E79
    Location: Main Library , 4 East

    Most volumes from 1986, there is a 1993 edition of vol. 1.  The Educational Testing Service has an extensive library of both commercial and unpublished tests. Their series of ETS Test Collection Catalogs serves as a guide to available tests in the collection. The series is divided into volumes based on the type of instrument:
    Volume 1: Achievement Tests and Measurement Devices
    Volume 2: Vocational Tests and Measurement Devices
    Volume 3: Tests for Special Populations
    Volume 4: Cognitive Aptitude and Intelligence Tests
    Volume 5: Attitude Tests
    Volume 6: Affective Measures and Personality Tests

    Volumes are arranged in accession number order with Subject, Author and Title indexes. Each entry provides identification, description, and availability information for the test. In the case of non-commercial tests the catalog often includes a specific journal or ERIC document citation.
  • Test Critiques
    Call number: BF 176 .T418
    Location: Main Library, 2 East

    This series was published from 1984 - 2005. Each Test Critiques volume offers critical information on selected tests from the latest edition of Tests: a Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, and Business. Entries are selected for Test Critques on the basis of popularity, frequency of use and availability of a knowledgeable reviewer. The series attempts to keep reviews understandable and accessible to lay readers. Most entries contain much more information than just a critique. Standard sections include: Introduction, Practical Applications/Uses, Technical Aspects (validity and reliability) and Critique. There are currently 10 volumes in the series. All volumes after #3 contain a cumulative index.
  • Tests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, and Business
    Call number: BF 176 .T43
    Location: Main Library, 2 East

    Latest edition 1997.  Tests attempts to be a comprehensive listing of published assessment instruments. Entries are concise and easy to read. Each entry includes title, author(s), target population, administration type (self admininistered or examiner required), purpose, brief description, timing, scoring, cost, and availability/publisher. Tests are listed in board subject groupings. There are title and author indexes, as well as a variety of specialized indexes aimed at special testing situations, eg: visually impaired index. Tests does not contain critical evaluations.

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