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Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics: Cases

An overview of sources available through the MSU Libraries and on the open web about corporate social responsiblility and business ethics. This includes sustainable business, green business and the "triple bottom line."

Business Library Databases

Free Online Case Repositories

Buying Cases

Academic publishers and business schools generally do not sell business cases to libraries. Instead, they sell them directly to students, faculty and other customers. MSU's Gast Business LIbrary does not have subscriptions to or access to the subscribed content of the following sources.  You will have to contact the publishers and buy individual cases directly from them.

Courses in MSU Course Packs

Instructors may want to consider incorporating cases in course packs available through the library's Course Materials Program, rather than requiring students to purchase cases directly. Due to the library's licensing agreements with certain publishers, significant savings can often be realized for students.

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