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Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics: Learning Materials

An overview of sources available through the MSU Libraries and on the open web about corporate social responsiblility and business ethics. This includes sustainable business, green business and the "triple bottom line."

Learning Modules & Online Courses

Streaming Video @ MSU Libraries

Adam Matthews

Includes online access to four unique multimedia collections: Global Commodities: Trade, Exploration, and Cultural Exchange, J. Walter Thompson: Advertising America, Market Research and American Business, 1935-1965 and Trade Catalogues and the American Home.

Business Education in Video (Alexander Street Press)

Videos that focus on all aspects of the global business environment. Executive interviews, case studies, documentary films and more from a wide range of publishers. Includes archival video content from Bloomberg TV.

Films on Demand

Includes digital content from a range of education and news sources (HBO, BBC Learning, ABC News, National Geographic, etc.) on business and economics topics.

Kanopy Films

Over 30,000 documentaries, classic and indie films for use in classes.

Swank Digital Campus

1,000 contemporary and classic feature films licensed for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY




Interim Assistant Dean of Faculty Engagement

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Laura Leavitt Walesby
MSU Libraries
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Subjects: Business, Law