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Michigan State University

AgNIC Viticulture: U.S. Regional Info

MSU maintains the Viticulture information site within the AgNIC alliance. The site contains links to information and provides the opportunity to ask reference questions.

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Access to Extension and Experiment Station Publications - A page of search engines and links dedicated to extension publications. Compiled by the United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN).

American Viticultural Areas

Appellations America - Appellation America is a communications and publications enterprise serving the North American wine industry through promotion of our growing number of distinct winegrowing regions. Our mission is to facilitate the "APPELLATION-IZATION" of the North American wine culture.


New York: Finger Lakes Grape Program - Education programs for growers and many other grape and wine industry people are provided by the Finger Lakes Grape Program housed in Yates County, New York.
New York: New York State Wine and Grape Association - Uncork New York
New York: New York Wine Cork - "Helping friends to discover and enjoy the finest wines from the vineyards of New York State." This site showcases wines from New York State's farm wineries, covering the topics of Wine Country Information, Winery Profiles, links to Calendars of Events, Recipes, Competitions and New York Wine shopping pages.
New York / Pennsylvania: The Lake Erie Regional Grape Program
Pennsylvania: Grape References for Pennsylvania Growers, Pennsylvania State University (in .pdf format)


Michigan: Climate and vineyard site selection, Michigan State University Extension. Has links to a few Michigan maps with data about: Growing season length, Growing season heat accumulation, Winter injury, Local relief (topography), Current land use, and Tourism
Michigan: Michigan Grape Information and Links
Michigan: Wine Industry Resources for Michigan: Start Up Guide. 2004 (in .pdf format)

Colorado: The Economic Contribution of Colorado’s Wine Industry. Colorado State University. 2005-06 (in .pdf format)
Illinois: Illinois’ Grape and Wine Industry as a Contributor to Rural Economic Growth. C. Matthew Rendleman, William Peterson, and Roger J. Beck. Department of Agribusiness Economics, Southern Illinois University Carbondale. 2003. (in .pdf format)
Illinois: The Grape Industry in Illinois: The Results of a Survey of the Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association (IGGVA) Members by the Illinois Council for Food and Agricultural Research (C-FAR) by R.M. Skirvin, A.G. Otterbacher, K.D. McPheeters, M. Kushad, and Patti Peratt, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES), Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences (NRES).
Indiana: Indiana Wine Grape Council - Our mission at the Indiana Wine Grape Council is to enhance the economic development of the wine and grape industry within Indiana. Administered by the School of Agriculture at Purdue University, the Council provides research, education, and marketing to Indiana's wine industry.
Iowa: Iowa Grape Growers Association
Iowa: Grape Expectations: A food system perspective on redeveloping the Iowa grape industry by Rich Pirog, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Kansas: Grapes by Alan Erb, Kansas State University Extension. (in .pdf format)
Minnesota: Fruits for Minnesota by Emily Hoover and Michael Zins, University of Minnesota Extension Service
Missouri: Crop Profile for Grapes in Missouri - General Production Information (French-American hybrids, V. aestivalis, V. labrusca). Prepared April, 2000.
Missouri: Maps of Missouri's Viticultural areas (in .pdf format): color map and black & white (better forblack & white print-outs)
Missouri: Missouri Grape and Wine Program, - Missouri has a long history of growing grapes and making wine, reaching back nearly 150 years. Missouri's wine production was interrupted by Prohibition, but is now enjoying a renaissance begun 30 years ago, showing marked increases in market share, sales, and national and international awards. Missouri's 29 registered wineries attract more than 2.5 million visitors each year.
Missouri: Missouri Grape Growers Association
Missouri: Missouri Wine Timeline
Nebraska: NebGuide on Grapes: Cultivars, Training and Pruning by Donald H. Steinegger, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension
Ohio: Selecting, Storing and Serving Ohio Grapes by Barbara H. Drake, an Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet


Kentucky: Growing Grapes in Kentucky
Kentucky: Kentucky Department of Agriculture Grape Program
Kentucky: Kentucky Fruit Facts
Kentucky: Kentucky Vineyard Assistance Program, Murray State University.
Kentucky: Kentucky Vineyard Society
North Carolina: North Carolina Grape and Wine Page - Excellent resource material for Eastern grape growers.
Virginia: Viticulture Resources for Virginia - This page provides links in the categories: Grape Production Information, Grape Research and Extension Personnel, Grape and Wine Organizations, and Facts and Figures
Virginia: Virginia Viticulture Program, headed by Tony K. Wolf of the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station
West Virginia: Grapes - Native Shrubs in wildlife landscaping, West Virginia Native Plant Society
West Virginia: Growing Grapes in West Virginia by Juanita Popenoe, Tara A. Baugher, Richard K. Zimmerman and Arthur Selders
Texas: Texas Winegrape Network from the Texas Cooperative Extension and Texas A&M University
Texas: Texas Wine Vineyards George Ray McEachern, Larry A. Stein, Nancy Roe and Jim Kamas, Extension Horticulturists, Texas A&M University

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