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Michigan State University

AgNIC Viticulture: World Regional Info

MSU maintains the Viticulture information site within the AgNIC alliance. The site contains links to information and provides the opportunity to ask reference questions.

Australia & New Zealand

Maps of Phylloxera Management Zones in South Australia
National Wine and Grape Industry Centre - The resources of NSW Agriculture, Charles Sturt University and the NSW Wine Industry Association have been brought together to serve the Australian wine industry.
The New Zealand Grapevine Improvement Group (NZGVIG) promotes the use of high health grapevine planting material of known origin to the wine industry of New Zealand through a number of District Grapevine Improvement Groups (DGVIG) that collectively make up the New Zealand Grapevine Improvement Group (NZGVIG).
South Australian Wine and Brandy Industry Association
2001 South Australian winegrape crush survey
2002 South Australian winegrape crush survey
2003 South Australian winegrape crush survey
2004 South Australian winegrape crush survey
Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation


Canadain Appellation maps from Appellations America, a communications and publications enterprise serving the North American wine industry through promotion of our growing number of distinct winegrowing regions. The mission is to facilitate the "APPELLATION-IZATION" of the North American wine culture.
Canada Vintage - The purpose of Canada Vintage and our mission is to bring forward beneficial information and ideas on cold climate viticulture practices to anyone that shares a common goal of world class grape production and winemaking.
Grapes - Factsheets, Infosheets and Publications - from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs
Little Fat Wino - webpages dedicated to cool climate viticulture and wine production in onterio.
Ontario Grape Growers' Marketing Board
Grape Growing In Saskatchewan by Mary A. Beckie
Wine Grape Production Outside Traditional Areas In Ontario by: Ken Slingerland, Dr. Helen Fisher, Maribeth Fitts, Mary Jane Combe


Greece: Greek Vitis Database - A multi-media web-backed information source for genetics and germplasm of grape species in Greece.

France: OIV - The Office International de la Vigne et du Vin
France: Vineyards of France - (in French)

Spain: 100 years of Rioja Alta viticulture and winemaking,1890-1990 - includes sections on Quality Factors (i.e. soil, climate, varieties), Viticulture practices, and enology processes.

Switzerland: Fruit-Growing, Viticulture, and Horticulture, Wädenswil Switzerland

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