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Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy: General Science and Technology: Purpose or Scope of Collection

Purpose or Scope of Collection

A. Curricular/Research/Programmatic Needs

General science and applied science/technology materials (subclasses Q and T) in the Michigan State University Main Library support the instructional and research needs of faculty and students in Lyman Briggs College, coursework in Integrative Studies in Physical & Biological Sciences,  and other majors or specializations concerned with policy and impacts of science and technology on society.

The Main Library's collection emphasizes the history and philosophy of science, science/technology policy and ethics, science education, scientific method, scientific research communications and technical writing, the lives and contributions of scientists/inventors, and basic works on technological achievements/developments in fields ranging from biotechnology to environmental science and telecommunications.  It includes the transactions/proceedings/bulletins/memoirs, etc. of major scientific societies and institutions from around the world, as well as core periodicals such as Science, Nature, Discover, and Scientific American.

More in-depth collecting in specific scientific/technical fields is addressed in separate policies and excluded here (For example, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Communications, Environmental Studies, Geology, Food Science & Human Nutrition, Packaging, Physics/Astronomy, etc.).

B. History of the Collection/Existing Strengths and Emphases

The general science/applied science and technology collection dates back to the early years of the University; however, a significant portion of the "T" classification was removed in September of 1963 when the Engineering Library was created. Subsequently, technology materials needed to support the teaching/research needs of the College of Engineering (engineering, metallurgy, materials science, etc.) and the School of Planning, Design & Construction (construction management) were housed in the Engineering Library until its closure in late 2015.  Selected materials from those collections were returned to the Main Library or Remote Storage facilities.  

C.  Data Management

Adding research data is a potential step for this subject collection. For guidelines see .