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Online U.K. and Irish Newspapers: Newspapers

A list, arranged roughly by date, of the online U.K. and Ireland Newspapers available at M.S.U. Libraries


Arranged roughly by our start dates.

Annual Register

1758-1953 Link goes to a version in Hathi Trust collection from our online catalog.  Not a newspaper per se but an annual publication about events around the world that were of concern/interest to the British.

1791-1900 Observer (London)

Scotsman Historical Archive

1817-1950 Major Scottish newspaper.  See near bottom of list for link to more recent issues.

Manchester Guardian, 1821-1825; 1828-1900; 1901-1959; 1959-2003

Telegraph Historical Archive

1855-2000 One of the world's highest circulating newspapers in the English language.  Includes also the Sunday issues from 1961-2000.  The BBC describes it as "the newspaper of the establishment."  We also offer this newspaper post 2000, here.

Irish Times

1859-2012  From Dublin, Ireland

International Herald Tribune Archive

1887-2013  Complete archive from its inception as the European edition of the New York Herald and later the European edition of the New York Herald Tribune.  Ends with last issue of International Herald Tribune before its relaunch as International New York Times.

Financial Times

1888-2010  The world’s most authoritative daily business newspaper.

Daily Mail Historical Archive

1896-2016  Progressive newspaper for ordinary, busy people.  For emphasis and scope see the essay about its history in the "Essays" section of the web site.

1901-2003 Observer (London)

1903-2000  Mirror Historical Archive

Intended as a paper for women staffed with women journalists, after its first year it became a working-class paper. The owner in the 1930s was a friend of both Mussolini and Hitler.  Post WWII it was the first British national paper to adopt New York tabloid style, with bigger headlines, shorter stories, and more abundant illustrations.  It was the best-selling U.K. daily tabloid paper in the 1960s.  It has consistently supported the Labour Party since WWII.

Independent (London)

1986-2016 Centrist politically.  Economic stance is liberal, pro-market.  Current issues online, here.


1993-2016  from various aggregators, a subscription resource for us, not owned content.

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