Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Sociology

Analysis of the Subject Field

A. Chronology of the Subject: Emphasis/Restrictions

Emphasis is comprehensive.

In sociology, classical works by the founders of this discipline are essential as are other historical works (e.g. political philosophy) paralleling and tracing the development(s) of thought. Works reflecting the continuing and ongoing evolution of this discipline should form the major portion of the collection. This should include new sociological thought and research as well as new applications or combinations of classic sociological philosophies in the present day. With the abiding emphasis in numeracy, data sets and statistical sources shall be acquired.

B. Languages of Resources Collected; Exclusions/Emphasis/Translations

The primary language of resources collected will be English. The appropriate subject bibliographer will consider monographs in French, German, and the Slavic languages. Translations may be selected.

C. Geography of the Subject; Emphasis, Restrictions

Emphasis is on the United States, but sources are collected from a wide perspective of different regions. A special focus is placed on books from the perspective of the global south. 

D. Format of the Resources Collected; Restrictions, if any

All appropriate formats, including print, electronic, and audio-visual are collected. The Department of Sociology does not currently offer any distance programs, so while some e-books are collected, print format books are still given due consideration. Electronic formats are of important consideration for family studies materials supporting Human Development & Family Studies and Social Work which do offer some distance programs.  Microforms may be collected sparingly, but preference is given to electronic formats.  Numeric datasets and statistical sources are collected; preference is given to electronic formats.

E. Date of Publication of Resources Collected; Emphasis, If Any

With the exception of essential historical works, important classics, or reprints as needed, materials published within the immediate past five years should be collected.