Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Sociology

Levels of Collecting Intensity

LC Class Subject Level
HA Statistics 2**
HB 848-3967 Demography 3
HD 1501-1542 Agriculture, social aspects **
HD 6951-6957 Industrial Sociology, social conditions of labor 4**
HJ 7396-9600 Public Finance 2**
HM General Sociology 3
HM 261 Public Opinion 3
HN 1-110 Social History, General and US 4
HQ± Family, Marriage, Women 3
HQ 503-1064 The Family 3
HT* Communities, Classes, Races, Urban and Rural Sociology 3
HT 401-485 Rural Sociology 4
HX Socialism. Communism. **
LC 189-214.53 Educational Sociology 3**
RA 418 Medical Sociology **


Levels of collecting intensity are defined by the Library Of Congress Collecting Levels

**This material is covered by another Collection Plan.

*HT 165.5-169.9 and HT 390-395 is covered by Urban Planning

± HQ75-76 and HQ 1101-2030 is covered by Women and Gender Studies; some materials in HQ are also covered by Social Work as appropriate (where content is relevant to social welfare and/or services)

Many topical areas within the sociology collection deal with social issues are controversial. Materials are collected according to the research activity of the Sociology faculty at MSU.