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Citizen Participation

Covers political, social, environmental and economic activities aimed at building a better and more democratic and sustainable society

Participatory and Citizen Rights

What rights might we have that are largely considered basic human rights, whether they are currently exercised or constrained in our society? Global bodies like the United Nations have spelled some out especially for groups that have historically been left out including the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Disabled Persons, and Children. Specific participatory rights have also been noted by area of interest, e.g., in decisions regarding the environment. These rights are also sometimes considered as rights to assembly, to petition, to associate, and to vote.

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What's it all about?

Active citizenship is an umbrella concept that looks at the rights and responsibilities of citizens, regardless of the place they call home. Activities can be local or global in focus. Keywords include citizenship, participatory rights, engagement, activism, civil society, volunteerism, grassroots, etc. 

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Workers' Rights

Rights of employees to participate in decisions in the workplace vary widely. These are some basic resources.