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LB 492: Darwin's Law(Pennock): Home

EDS (Our New Catalog System), Fall 2022

The library webpage looks pretty much the same, but the backend has changed. Here are some links to help you find what you need:

EDS FAQs: Look here first if you run into a problem! These are continually being updated as issues surface and are solved.

Two Minute Tips:These videos are made by the Teaching and Learning department at the library. They're all useful, but these are particularly useful for navigating the new system:

MSU Library Accounts

Finding Scholarly Articles

Finding Books

Finding Newspapers

Finding Streaming Media

Finding the Permalink 

Course Reserves

Choosing Keywords

Tips for Searching

1. Use keywords.

If you are starting your search, trying use keywords, rather than full sentences.


  • algorithm natural selection rather than How can natural selection be modeled by algorithms?

2. Put phrases in quotes.

If you are searching for a phrase, such as functional adaptation, put the entire phrase in double quotes. This will tell the database to only find results that contain the exact phrase, rather than one or two of the individual words.

3. Use AND to narrow your search.

If you have two or more words or concepts that you want to find, use AND (must be capitalized) to tell the search engine to only look for items that contain both words.


  • virulence AND parasite

4. Use OR to expand your search.

If you can think of common synonyms for one of your keywords, you can have the database search for articles that contain either one by using OR (always capitalize!)


  • leprosy OR Hansen's disease OR HD

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Chana Kraus-Friedberg
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