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Michigan State University

Game Studies Guild: About

What We Do

We are a community of humans who meet to play and critically engage with video games!
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Each month, we explore a particular game in relation to a theme or issue in game development, academia, and/or popular culture, in the format of a Critical Let's Play* event. This generally features illustrative gameplay for a live audience, as well as online viewers via Twitch. Anyone is welcome to participate!

Critical Let's Play* events gather gamers and thinkers to play and academically discuss a game together. A game is played live for attendees to comment on in real time, and a facilitator (or panel of facilitators) leads the group in a critical discussion of a game. These events are advertised and open to the public, and welcome any interested participants (both physically and virtually). Comments and questions from internet participants will be read aloud by a moderator so that everyone may engage in critical discussion.

Literature Discussions have been discontinued lately, but may return in the future. Typically, these events would unpack current texts, research, and resources. Some texts are preselected by the planning committee; attendees are welcome to introduce and lead discussion on additional material. Requests for resources to support game studies and game development on campus are highly encouraged! This is a smaller planning and advisory group, open primarily to faculty, graduate students, and advanced undergraduate students. Stay tuned for more information as the group reconsiders how to best implement events to engage with the literature more deeply.

Who We Are

Jonah Magar – Library Gaming Coordinator; MSU J-School Alumnus
  • Interests: Gaming, Streaming, 360/VR, Media Preservation, User Design, Graphic Design, Music Performance
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @jonah_magar
  • Steam: Octopus Jones
  • Blizzard: OctopusJones#1137
  • Discord: OctopusJones#1644
  • Twitch: Thousandyearjam


Daniel Fandino – History, PhD student
  • Interests: US-Japan Relations, East Asian and American Popular Culture, Technology, Digital Humanities
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @danfandino
  • Steam: RoninHistorian
  • Blizzard: vinzclortho#1867
  • Twitch RoninHistorian


Bruno Ford – English, PhD Student
  • Interests: Medievalism, Medieval gender transgressions and queerness, and queerness and monsters
  • Email:
Robin Aultz – MSU Graduate, writer, and GSG contributor
Jonathan Thurston PhD student in English and Animal Studies
  • Interests: race studies, horror literature, animal studies, early modern literature
  • Email:
  • Website:


Want to be listed among these awesome humans? Email Jonah, or talk to us at any of our meetings! Prefer to just watch, or contribute thoughts and ideas? Join us without judgment.

Who Supports Us

Our endeavors are largely supported by Michigan State University Libraries, the Digital Scholarship Lab, and the Rovi Gaming Collection.

Thanks to Elizabeth Lapensée and the MSU Inclusive Game Development Collaborative for generous past support!

We have a sort of sister organization in University of Wisconsin Milwaukee's Digital Culture (Serious Play) Collaboratory. We hope to share even more resources and support going forward, as we all met at Meaningful Play 2018, and good progress takes time.

Gaming Coordinator

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Jonah Magar
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