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Religious History: Finding Periodical Articles: Home

This is a guide to using periodical indexes to find information about religious history. Last updated 06-22-2023


This guide lists and describes the most basic periodical indexes useful in identification of periodical articles in American and Western European religious history. It is also useful, in a general way, for religious history of other areas of the world; BUT, remember that various area studies specialists in the M.S.U. Libraries are responsible for the intersection of religion with politics, society, culture, and economics in their areas of the world. Religious art and music are the responsibility of the art and music librarians. A list of M.S.U. Library specialists is at the end of this guide.

We also offer a number of databases of digital versions of religious periodicals and newspapers that can be used as primary sources, depending on your topic.  These include American Religion: Denominational Newspapers and Religious Magazine Archive