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Library Databases that provide Shapefiles or georeferenced files: SimplyMapExport

Some datasets purchased by MSU Libraries have GIS-ready functionality. This guide links to several resources with the ability to export data or images to Shapefile, GeoTIFF or GeoPDF formats.

Shapefiles from Simplymap

Simplymap is a large data repository purchased by MSU Libraries.  It contains a wide variety of datasets from both public and private sources.  You will discover that much of the content relates to demographics, business marketing variables, and business locations.  Some of the more unique private data includes quality of life, household ownership of an array of electrical appliances, Experian Simmons Consumer data, and Claritas PRIZM data.  It also contains US Census data from 1980 through predictions of 2014.

Maps displayed in Simplymap may be exported as shapefiles. 


The data will not export precisely as you have it displayed in the map.  The dialog box will ask you to select your geographies and variables anew, providing you with an opportunity to adjust both if you wish.


Simplymap will email you a URL from which you may download the shapefile.

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