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Affordable Textbook Program: General Info

What is the Affordable Textbook Program?

The Michigan State University (MSU) Libraries recognize that the high cost of textbooks is a burden on students and we want to help! The Affordable Textbook Program is intended to help alleviate the high costs that MSU students face when paying for their textbooks and to ensure students have access to their textbooks so they can succeed in class. As part of this program, the MSU Libraries have purchased multiple copies of textbooks for some MSU courses with high undergraduate enrollments and/or high cost textbooks. These textbooks are placed on Course Reserves in Main Library or the Business Library. Check the Textbooks/Participating Courses section of this guide to see which courses/textbooks are included in this program. You can also search by course, professor, or textbook search boxes to see if any of your courses/textbooks are on Reserve. 

For some courses included in the program, there may be additional required texts that have not been purchased as part of the program. Also, some of these books are accompanied by an online access code for supplemental online materials. The MSU Libraries do not have these codes. Check with your professor to make sure that you have access to all of the books and other materials you'll need for class. 

Fall 2023 Participating Courses

There are additional courses/faculty that place textbooks and course materials on the MSU Libraries' Course Reserves. The below list includes just those courses included as part of the Affordability Textbook Program, which focuses on high-enrollment courses and/or expensive textbooks and is funded by the Libraries. If you don't see your course below, you'll still want to search Course Reserves at the MSU Libraries or using the Course Reserves search boxes on this guide.

Note: During the first week of the semester, this list is subject to change.

When a print copy is available

  • ACC 201, all sections (Business Library).
  • ACC 305, sections 001, 002 (Business Library).
  • ACC 321, all sections.
  • ACC 401, all sections (Main Library).
  • BUS 109, all sections (Business Library).
  • CEP 260, all sections (Main Library).
  • CEP 261, all sections (Main Library).
  • CJ 110, sections 002, 003.
  • COM 225, sections 002 (Main Library).
  • CSE 231, all sections (Main Library).
  • CSE 260, all sections (Main Library).
  • EC 301, section 001 (Main Library).
  • EC 302, section 001 (Main Library).
  • ESHP 190, all sections.
  • FI 312, section 002 (Business Library).
  • FI 414, sections 001, 002 (Business Library).
  • GBL 323, all sections (Business Library).
  • GBL 385, all sections (Business Library. Not all required books are on reserve).
  • HDFS 238, section 001.
  • HNF 150, sections 001, 002. (Main Library).
  • KIN 251, all sections (Main Library).
  • KIN 330, all sections (Main Library).
  • ME 222, all sections (Main Library).
  • MKT 250, all sections (Business Library).
  • MKT 313, all sections (Business Library).
  • MMG 301, all sections (Main Library).
  • MTH 124, all sections (Main Library).
  • MTH 132, all sections (Main Library).
  • MTH 133, all sections (Main Library).
  • MTH 234, all Sections (Main Library).
  • PHY 231 & 232, all sections (Main Library).
  • PHY 481, all sections (Main Library).
  • PLS 100, all sections (Main Library).
  • PSL 310, sections 001, 002 (Main Library).
  • PSY 280, section 001 (Main Library).
  • SOC 100, sections 001-006 (Main Library).
  • SCM 372, sections 001, 002 and 005.
  • SCM 373, sections 002, 003 and 005 (Business Library).
  • STT 201, section 730 (Main Library).
  • STT 351, section 001H and 008 (Main Library).

Checking Out Textbooks

Print textbooks in this program are available through the MSU Libraries' Course Reserves in the Main Library. This means:

  • books/materials can be checked out, but they have to be used INSIDE of the library.
  • the check-out period is 2-hours in most cases, but you can check them out again and again as long as no one else in your course is waiting for a copy.
  • If you return a book late/beyond the check-out period, you will be fined. See the Course Reserves FAQ.
  • You'll need your MSU ID (or a photo ID) to check them out.
  • If you lose or damage a textbook, you will be charged to replace it.

Some Affordable Textbook Program titles will be available electronically to loan digitally. Digital loans will have the same checkout period as print reserve items (2 hours) - links to electronic copies will expire at the end of this loan period.

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Student Testimonials

We want to hear from students about this program! If this program has helped you, you're excited about the Libraries having more textbooks, or have other feedback for us, please fill out the fields below or email:


This content and design of this guide is heavily borrowed from the University of Iowa Libraries' Textbook Affordability Pilot LibGuide. Thanks to Mahrya Burnett from the University of Iowa Libraries for granting us permission.