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Michigan State University

Affordable Textbook Program: Selection Criteria & Requests

Selection Criteria


Inclusion Criteria:

Courses/textbooks that meet both of the below criteria are prioritized for this program (although selected courses/textbooks that meet only one or neither may also be included):
  • Course enrollment exceeds 300 students.
  • Cost of new print book exceeds $100.

Exclusion Criteria:

Courses/textbooks that meet the below criteria are, in most cases, excluded from this program:

  • Textbooks that are only offered electronically to individual consumers: In most cases, the Libraries cannot purchase/make these available.
  • Textbooks/courses that have required online codes/homework solutions/online components: In most cases, the Libraries cannot purchase/make these available.

Selection Committee

Heidi Schroeder, Accessibility Coordinator, MSU Libraries

Breezy Silver, Assistant Head and Collections Coordinator, MSU Gast Business Library

Steve Sowards, Associate University Librarian for Collections, MSU Libraries

(Suggestions also taken from MSU Libraries' Subject Librarians)

Request a Textbook

If you're an instructor, especially of a large course with expensive course materials, and would like to see your textbooks included in the Affordable Textbook Program, let us know! Send an email to Heidi Schroeder at