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Grants and Related Resources: Key MSU Funding Pages

A compilation of resources for grant and financial aid seekers.

VPRGS Research Facilitation and Dissemination


The Office of Research Facilitation & Dissemination hosts monthly Coffee Break seminars on grant proposal topics as well as Write Winning Grants, an annual conference, sharing best practices for successful proposals. View these and other grant-writing and research-related workshops on the event calendar. The office also maintains an archive of videos and slide presentations from prior workshops.


MSU College of Education IRTL Classes

The Institute for Research on Teaching and Learning (IRTL) assists faculty across the College of Education in preparing grant applications to external/internal funding agencies and supports the research interests and activities of the faculty of the College. The support may consist of budget development, interpreting the Request for Proposal (RFP), completing essential forms, obtaining University sign offs, and submission via electronic application processes.  IRTL also shares information on funding opportunities for both faculty and students.  See links on site and/or sign up for regular email postings.  IRTL also offers  workshops for College of Education graduate students from time to time.  Ask Brett H. Say at  if you can attend.  Upcoming sessions include:

Doctoral Student Support and Training Sessions

ESPP Funding Opportunities

The Environmental Studies and Policy Program also regularly distributes funding opportunities of interest to faculty and students.  Contact Karessa Weir and weirkare at to have your name added to the distribution lists.

International Social Sciences Research Seminar

IGuide to Fellowships and Grants for Graduate Student International Dissertation Research Beginning in 2017-2018

Compiled by David Wiley, Christine Root, and Adrienne Tyrey, Michigan State University, August 25, 2016


Michigan State University
Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
Research at Michigan State University

Central clearinghouse for research and funding information on campus. Follow the funding link for information about external and internal funding opportunities.  Also provide special reports from time to time such as MSU External Funding, 2006-2017   Also check out the Grant Proposal Preparation Services Page.  Also note that VPRGS has hired two grant consultants -- Heidi Smith-Parker (NSF) and Tom Hollon (NIH) -- to visit campus on a regular basis and provide expert assistance.   They also maintain a Council of Research Deans (CORD) list.

Michigan State University
Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
Internal Grants

Major opportunities include:
Discretionary Funding Initiatives (DFI)
Humanities Arts Research Program (HARP)
Strategic Partnership Grants

Michigan State University
Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
Institution-Limited Competitions

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies has developed a new procedure for managing institutionally limited funding opportunities. Such limited submission proposals will require a short pre-proposal to select the application(s) to be submitted from MSU. The pre-proposal guidelines and cover sheet are available via the web site. This site also lists the program announcements including the internal and external deadlines.

Michigan State University
Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
Research Facilitation & Dissemination

This unit seeks to assist all faculty in identifying useful sources for extramural support, and to facilitate inter-institutional, university-wide, and large team interdisciplinary projects and proposal writing efforts. Services include:
(1) Grant-writing support for approved projects.
(2) Free Wiki and blog hosting for project and proposal development
(3) Direct training -- and subventions for third-party training -- in grant proposal development and project management.
(4) Travel support for visits to Federal and other grant officers for discussion of possible projects.
(5) Council of Research Deans
(6) Research and Creative Activiities Support Contacts, July 2016.
For more information, contact Loraine J. Hudson, Director, 238 Administration Building, Michigan State University; E-mail:; Telephone: (517) 432-4499

Michigan State University
Office of the Vice President for Finance and Operations
Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and
Contract and Grant Administration (CGA)

The place for faculty to go for technical assistance in preparing grant proposals and budgets.

Michigan State University
Sponsored Program Research Opportunities and University Training (SPROUT)

If you provide oversight or assistance regarding research proposals for the various units on campus, you may want to sign up for the listserv and participate in training offered by this unit.  For example, see Essentials of Research Administration by Twila Reighley, Assistant Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies, Office of Sponsored Programs.

MSU Development: Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Working documents from Lucille Fallon, Director, October 2017

If you are planning to seek money from a corporation or a foundation to finance your research, you will need to contact this unit for clearance. For more information, take a look at the University Development Corporation and Foundation Relations web page.

Michigan State University
International Studies and Programs
Office of International Research Collaboration (OIRC)

Works collaboratively with Michigan State University's world area studies centers to assist faculty in developing transdisciplinary research proposals for external funding that focus on college and university international/global research priorities.  Sign up for OIRC's weekly funding opportunities.

Michigan State University Government Affairs Office
Check out the Federal Updates newsletter for Beltway Info on government developments that might impact MSU research projects.

Michigan State University
AgBio Research
Research Resources
Sample funders for Michigan State University research projects have included the Cherry Marketing Institute, Michigan Apple Committee, US Apple Association, Michigan Farm Bureau, National Corn Growers Association, and the National Pork Producers Council. This web site lists all organizations that have had typical overhead fees waived as well as current requests for proposals.

Michigan State University
Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute
Pilot Funding for Clinical and/or Translational Research
Provides funds for pilot research projects conceived and designed by clinicians and translational researchers at Michigan State University and its partners. Success of this program will be the judged by the rate at which these grants produce new extramural funding for clinical and translational research or create new MSU intellectual property.

Michigan State University
Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER)
The Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research was formed to enable computational research at MSU.  Access to advanced hardware, computational consulting and training is essential for researchers to address challenges that increasingly demand advanced compute and storage resources.  Including information about resources and services provided by iCER within your grant proposal demonstrates that your proposal will have access to necessary cyber-infrastrucutre, and increase your grant's overall competitiveness.

Michigan State University
Science and Society & State (S3)
The purpose of S3 is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration among colleagues across campus who have an interest in combining STEM and/or health research or teaching with scholarship and methods from science studies. We use the term "science studies" to capture the range of scholars who use social science and/or humanistic approaches to study science and/or scientists. As we have learned from studying science, ideas and research prosper when people interact and support each other's endeavors. We are hoping that S3 will cultivate the work of students and faculty interested in STEM and science studies and provide opportunities for innovation and collaboration that might not otherwise exist. You can find out more about S3 by visiting its website.  Provides $10,000 awards. Eligible expenses include course releases (with chair/dean’s permission), support for graduate or undergraduate assistants, or other expenses that clearly promote outcomes from a new or emerging interdisciplinary collaboration. Application Deadline : October 3, 2016.

Michigan State University
Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization (MTRAC) Program for the Bio-Economy
Accelerating commercial development on bio-based projects and housed at MSU, the successful program ends in 2016, and transitions to a statewide focus as the MTRAC Innovation Hub for AgBio. This will be the first in a series of specialized statewide commercialization programs with in-depth domain expertise in specific areas of research
Received through the Michigan Strategic Fund and administered by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), with matching funds from MSU for a total of $2.27M, these funds will be focused on one of Michigan’s core strengths: AgBio science and technology. Learn more about MTRAC at MEDC.

  • Tier I MTRAC AgBio Full grants – proposals received annually in the winter, $100K max. 
  • Tier II MTRAC AgBio Starter grants – proposals reviewed twice annually - $25K max. These are intended to provide enough data or other verification to facilitate the submission of a Tier I Full Grant proposal or complete a short-term critical commercialization activity.

Eligible projects span a broad range and generally fit under the USDA definition of food, fuel & fiber or anything related to these areas, either as inputs or outputs. This includes bio-derived/bio-based materials and companion animal veterinary medicine.  Ideal candidates are innovations that have the potential to create superior value-added products and materials. Projects will have shown promise in the laboratory, but need further development in order to become successful in a competitive market. The goal of the MTRAC program is to assist in transitioning these discoveries through to implementation where they can benefit society, with emphasis given to commercialization in Michigan.

Michigan State University
Technology and Research Innovation for Health (TRIFECTA)
Trifecta seeks to stimulate new or emerging interdisciplinary research collaborations between faculty in the Colleges of Communication Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Nursing at Michigan State University. Pilot funding will be used to help create innovative, interdisciplinary research projects that will lead to increased applications and successes in external funding, presentations and publications, and visibility for the Trifecta initiative at MSU.

Michigan State University
Center for Research on Ingredient Safety (CRIS)
A program for food and consumer product ingredient safety that will broadly build capability in ingredient safety-related research, training and risk communication. CRIS is an independent, academic, science-based center that will serve as a reliable and unbiased source for information on the safe use of chemical ingredients in consumer packaged goods including foods, beverages, cosmetics and household consumer products.  Participating companies.

Michigan State University
Office of Financial Aid

The place to start for Michigan State University undergraduate students.

Michigan State University
Honors College
National/International Fellowships & Scholarships

The place to start for undergraduates and graduates seeking national prestigious scholarships. Check the NIFS Calendar for upcoming orientation sessions.

Michigan State University
Graduate School Funding Opportunities

A guide to graduate funding opportunities at Michigan State University.

Michigan State University
International Studies and Programs
Office for International Students and Scholars
Grants and Scholarship Opportunities

There are limited financial resources available to international students at MSU. Loan and grant programs are either short term or to be used as degree completion loans. These financial packages are not designed to support your full academic program at MSU.

Michigan State University College of Law
Financial Aid Office

The place to start for scholarship and financial aid information for students attending the Michigan State University College of Law.

Michigan State University
Office of Postdoctoral Training

Michigan State University
Writing Center

Trixie Smith, the Director of the MSU Writing Center, can assist faculty and graduate students in setting up research proposal writing groups.

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