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Evidence Based Medicine Guide: Synopses of Syntheses

Information about, and resources for, evidence based medicine

Synopses of Syntheses

Comprehensive summaries of all the research related to focused clinical questions.  These are often found in evidence-based abstraction journals.  Advantages are that a convenient summary of the corresponding synthesis is included and it often addresses the methodological quality of the synthesis and the clinical applicability of the findings.  A limitation is the extended timeline between publication of the original study and the synopsis.

Available at MSU

  • ACP Journal Club - Summarizes the best new evidence for internal medicine from over 130 clinical journals.  A monthly feature of Annals of Internal Medicine that includes an editorial and 12 abstracts.


  • Evidence-Based Medicine - A British Medical Journal imprint, this journal systematically searches a wide range of international medical journals applying strict criteria for the validity of research.  Over 100 journals and around 50,000 articles are scanned each year to identify the most important and valid articles.


  • Evidence-Based Nursing - Selects research studies and reviews from the health related literature that report important advances relevant to best nursing practice.  Over 50 journals and around 25,000 articles are scanned each year to identify the most important and valid articles. 


  • Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE) - Part of the Cochrane Library, DARE contains structured abstracts of systematic reviews from a variety of medical journals.  Records cover topics such as diagnosis, rehabilitation, screening, and treatment.

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