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Resources in Human Nutrition: Finding Books

A selective list of books, databases, websites, etc. for conducting research in human nutrition/dietetics.

Catalog Search

To locate books on specific topics, search the Library Catalog. Begin with a keyword search (e.g. "dietary supplements," "mediterranean diet," "obesity and children"); click on a title of interest and follow the subject hotlinks in the cataloging record to locate other books on the same topic.

Selected E-books

AccessMedicine. An searchable collection of more than 60 standard medical textbooks.

Bender's dictionary of nutrition and food technology.   CRC Press, 2006.


Includes a searchable collection of medical books, as well as journals, and patient education materials.

CRC Desk Reference for Nutrition. CRC Press, 2011.

Dictionary of Food and Nutrition. Oxford University Press, 2003.

Encyclopedia of Food and Culture. Scribner, 2003.

Focuses on food habits/sociocultural aspects of food.

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition.

Major reference work, providing comprehensive coverage of nutritional topics.

Food and Fitness: a Dictionary of Diet and Exercise. Oxford University Press, 2003.

Includes information on diet methods, food supplements, energy-related terms, exercises for improving weight control, and the calorie requirements of different activities.

Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia. Greenwood Press, 2011.

Food Environment Atlas. USDA/ERS, 2010.

Compiles statistics on community characteristics and indicators of food choices and health and well being.

Handbook of Nutrition and Food.  3rd ed. CRC Press, 2014.

Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy. Merck.

Search or browse by disorders or symptoms.

Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease. 11th ed. Williams & Wilkins, 2014.

A comprehensive text and reference source for topics in basic and clinical nutrition. 

Nutrition Care Manual . Online from the American Dietetic Association

Research-based nutrition information and clinical tools for dietitians, dietetic technicians, and other health care professionals.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America. 2nd ed.

History and culture of food and drink, covering topics ranging from airline food to fad diets and popular foods such as Kool-Aid, Twinkies, and Spam.

Vegetables and Fruits: Nutritional and Therapeutic Values

Wiley Encyclopedia of Food Science and Technology. 2nd ed.

A-to-Z coverage of all aspects of food science, including: the properties, analysis, and processing of foods; genetic engineering of new food products; and nutrition.

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