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Michigan State University

Human Nutrition Resources

Resources for conducting research in human nutrition and dietetics. Last updated: 11/30/23.


A selection of key references and electronic textbook platforms for finding nutrition information.


Below are a number of databases that are used in human nutrition and dietetics. Use these to search for journal articles related to your topic. If you need assistance with searching and using these resources please contact Andrea Kepsel, Food Science and Human Nutrition Librarian, at

IFIS has developed a helpful tutorial to using FSTA on the Web of Science platform. It is designed to give you an overview of FSTA content and the essential skills to search the FSTA database and find quality literature successfully.

Systematic Reviews

Systematic reviews can be a good starting point because they synthesize the evidence for a particular treatment or therapy, typically from randomized controlled trials.

Guides and Resources


The resources listed here provide evidence-based information about dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary and alternative therapies.

Food Composition and Nutrient Analysis

Resources for examining the make-up of foods and analyzing nutrients.

Food and Drug Interactions

Resources for exploring the interactions between food and drugs, including herbs and supplements.

Analytical Methods and Protocols

Resources for analytical methods and protocols.

Surveys and Test Instruments

Resources for finding research surveys and testing instruments. These can often be complicated to locate so do not hesitate to contact Andrea Kepsel, Food Science and Human Nutrition Librarian, at with questions.