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Michigan State University

CVM Summer Research Program

Resources for the Summer Research Program students at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Last updated: 5/14/24.



This guide provides information and resources from the MSU Libraries for use during the summer research program. If you have questions or need further assistance please contact Andrea Kepsel, Veterinary Medicine Librarian, at

Health Sciences Digital Library

The Health Sciences Digital Library (HSDL) is the key starting point for finding information and resources that can be used in your research.


The HSDL has sections with resources tailored to different subject areas within the health sciences. Resources you may find helpful include those from the Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine:

Getting Help

Andrea Kepsel, Veterinary Medicine Librarian, is available to answer questions about using library resources and provide help with searching for literature.

If Andrea is not available there are other ways to get assistance: