Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Accessibility and Disability Studies

Curricular, research, & programmatic needs

  • The Accessibility and Disability Studies Collection (ADS) supports the current information, instruction, and research needs of MSU faculty, students and staff as well as visiting researchers and the general public. 
  • The multidisciplinary nature of the collection can help inform research in the arts, education, law, medicine, and social sciences.
  • The Collection may be especially relevant for students in MSU’s rehabilitation counseling graduate programs, which focus on the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to collaborate in a professional relationship with people who have disabilities.
  • The Collection emphasizes the work of disability scholars and authors who identify as disabled.
  • The Collection focuses on current materials - historical materials will generally not be selected for the ADS fund.
  • Titles that may be considered part of the ADS Collection are also located in the Children's & Young Adult Literature section.

History of the collection & collection strengths

  • An Accessibility and Disability Studies (ADS) Collection fund was established in 2021.
  • Before 2021, Accessibility and Disability Studies materials were acquired through other collection activities and funds (education, social work, etc.).
  • A further analysis of existing and new ADS acquisitions is needed to determine collection strengths.