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Forest Carbon Program - A Resource Guide: USFS Resources

Research resources for the Forest Carbon Program

US Forest Service

Documents of Note

Many of the resources of the US Department of Agriculture touch on subjects relevant for forestry. See my Agriculture Research Guide to learn about publications and statistics of the USDA.

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Natural Resources Conservation Service, National Forestry Handbook, title 190. February 2004.
The National Forestry Handbook (NFH) contains methodology, procedures, and related reference materials that assist NRCS personnel to implement the policies contained in the National Forestry Manual (NFM) relative to forestry and agroforestry technologies. Note: pdf is 216 pages

Natural Resources Conservation Service, National Forestry Manual, September 1998.
The National Forestry Manual (NFM) describes forestry policy within the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and complements the General Manual. Note: pdf is 200 pages