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Africana Microform at MSU Libraries: Archival Holdings from Africa

A guide for microfilm resources about Africa.

Selected Archival Holdings from Africa

African Archives

Congo, Democratic Republic of

Collection d'archives du C.E.P.: Provinces de Congo (Kinshasa, Congo: Université Lovanium). 199 fiche in 5 boxes. Fiche 243

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Catalogue des archives du Centre d'études politiques. (Léopoldville, 1966). Mic. Z3632.C6


Coast Province. (Records: correspondence & reports, 1891-1962). 220 reels Film 9076

Debates of the Legislative Council and National Assembly, 1907-1965. 36 reels Film 9042.

Handing-over reports, 1915-1963. 14 reels Consists of reports made from the various districts and provinces, arranged by area Film 9040.

Intelligence reports, 1921?-1951? 12 reels Film 9043.

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1888?-1959? 11 reels Film 9041.

Nyanza Province. (Records: correspondence & reports). 424 reels Film 9960.

Provincial and district annual and quarterly reports, 1906-1962. 63 reels Film 9031.

(Provincial and district) record books, 1892?-1962?. 16 reels Film 9039.

Secretariat circulars, 1921-1962. 5 reels Film 9044.

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Gregory, Robert G., Robert M. Maxon, & Leon P. Spencer, A Guide to the Kenya National Archives, to the microfilms of the provincial and district annual reports, record books, and handing-over reports, miscellaneous correspondence, and intelligence reports (Syracuse, NY: Program of Eastern African Studies, Syracuse University, 1969). Mic. & Afr. Z3583.K4G7

Soff, Harvey G., A Guide to the Coast Province Microfilm Collection, Kenya National Archives (Syracuse: Program of Eastern African Studies, Syracuse University, 1971). Mic. & Afr. Z3583.K4.S6

Solomon, Alan C. & C. A. Crosby, A Guide to the Nyanza Province Microfilm Collection (Syracuse University, Program of Eastern African Studies (Occasional paper no. 22), 1974). Mic. Z3583.K4.S62


Porte, Albert. The Albert Porte papers, edited by Svend E. Holsoe. (New Bedford, NY: AILS, 1973-  ) 1 reel Film 12123.


Malian Arabic manuscript microfilming project. (New Haven, CT: Yale University, 1977) 14 reels Manuscripts from archives in France, Senegal and Mali. Film 14944.

Malian Arabic manuscript conservation project (New Haven: Yale University, 1979) (Yale University, 1979) 9 reels Manuscripts from archives in France, Morocco and Algeria. Film 16952.

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Malian Arabic manuscripts microfilming project: inventory lists (New Haven, CT: Yale University, 1978?-1979). Mic DT551.A3.M3.

Inventaire de la Bibliothèque 'umarienne de Ségou, conservée à la Bibliothèque nationale (Paris: Editions du Centre national de la recherche scientifique, 1985). Z6621.P22A64.

Guide to the Malian... (1979). Mic. DT551.A3.G8.


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Nigerian labour studies on microfiche. (Zug, Switz: IDC, 1978-80).

No. 1: Nigerian labour archive: collection Chief o.A. Fagbenro Beyioku. 62 fiche. Mic. HD4835.N53N53

No. 2: Labour in the Nigerian press, Oct. 1976-Sept. 1977. 30 fiche. Mic. HD4835.N532

No. 3: Lagos (Port) labour archive. 219 fiche. Mic. HD8831

South Africa

Kathrada collection (Roggebaai, South Africa: ABBA Microfilm Services, 1996-) Over 100 fiche in 13 boxes. SPEC COLL RARE BOOKS  folio DT1949.K38A4 1996; also on film: SPEC COLL RARE BOOKS  XX 27823 Microfilm

Twala, Wilson Welile Chief, defendant. The State vs. W.W.C. Twala and ten others (on charges of) sedition (and) terrorism (in the) South Africa Supreme Court, Transvaal Provincial Division (Johannesburg: Microfile, 1980?) 5 reels Includes documents of the South African Students Movement, Soweto Students Representative Council, Soweto Urban Council minutes, & a collection of 'Bantu' educational material. Film 16564.

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[Kathrada Guide] compiled by Kier Schuringa. (1995). SPEC COLL REFERENCE   DT1949.K38S35 1995.


The trial of Rolf Steiner, Khartoum, August-September, 1971.1 reel. Film 9483.


[Provincial and district books] (Dar es Salaam: Library Photographic Unit, University College,   ) 27 reels Film 6250

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Ministry of National Education, Guide to the microfilms of regional and district books (Dar es Salaam: Government Printer, 1973) Mic. Z3753.T3T259 1973.


British South Africa Company. London Office. Outgoing letters, 1890-1899. 12 reels Film 4731.

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Microfilm register (National Archives of Rhodesia, 1977) 1 reel Lists accessions numbered 1-299 of microfilm made or acquired by National Archives; includes manuscripts, theses and newspapers relating to Zimbabwe and surrounding area. Film 17233.