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Legend of the Holy Grail: Grail in Film

For Margot Valles' ENG 368. The goal is to help students studying the mysterious Holy Grail: what it is, what its origins are, what winning it provides, and what secrets and myths are bound up with it.

Grail in Film

We offer a large collection of films.  Some are DVD or blu ray for checkout from the G.M. Kline Digital and Multimedia Center, 4th floor West wing.  Others are viewable online from packages of online resources we own or rent.  Others are part of our enormous ROVI Collection.  To find films, do your search in the online catalog.  Then, modify your search by confining your search results to material type: video/visual.  OR, confine your results to location G.M. Kline Digital and Multimedia Center.  OR, confine your results to MSU ROVI Collection. 

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