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Collection Development Policy Statement: Fine Arts Library Art Collection

Collection Management Issues

Specific policies on replacement, withdrawal, out-of-print acquisition and preservation.

Introductory surveys and textbooks, which may have been acquired, will not be kept in multiple copies; one archival copy of each edition will be retained for the history of arts education.

Replacement of worn copies will be achieved when possible with the use of gift copies. If needed for curricular or reference purposes, replacements will be purchased. Books mutilated by vandalism will receive page replacement if only a few pages are needed. Otherwise, a notice about missing pages will be placed in the book. If the item is extremely important for reference and research, an additional copy will be obtained.

When a new edition of a reference book is acquired, the old edition will usually be placed in the Art stacks. Given the nature of art history, very little material is appropriate for withdrawal (with the exception of duplicate copies of non-core materials). Non-current journals available through an electronic source (i.e. JSTOR) will be sent to Remote Storage.

Retrospective selection will take place predominantly in the newer areas of the curriculum (Asian, African and Latin American art, etc.).

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