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Landscape Architecture Research Guide: Landscape Architecture Research

This guide identifies resources to search when seeking information pertaining to Landscape Architecture, including golf course architecture and design and landscape plant species.


About this Guide

This guide is for students in urban planning or for anyone researching landscape architecture issues. It is an in-depth guide covering a wide range of available resources.

This guide is intended to introduce you to the range of resources available for conducting research on landscape architecture issues.  Initially, the wide scope of information available to you may be overwhelming.  Keep in mind that research is an iterative process, it will build on itself and is often better accomplished in multiple small steps rather than all at once.  Because the field is so interdisciplinary, many resources may seem irrelevant to your particular needs.  As you read a source, it may point you in a new direction either by identifying a related concept to search on or by following up on a reference in a bibliography.  This guide can not list all possible resources, but it is a good place to start.

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