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Arts and Culture: Data and Statistics: Research Data

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For a detailed overview of available data in the arts, take a look at CPANDA's research guides.  These include guides to available research data on arts and cultural policy issues, in the areas of artists, audiences, arts and cultural organizations, and support for the arts.


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Data Archives

Data archives contain raw data files that are used for secondary analysis in research.


  • Cultural Policy and the Arts National Data Archive (CPANDA) is the world's first interactive digital archive of policy-relevant data on the arts and cultural policy in the United States. It is a collaborative effort of Princeton University's Firestone Library and the Princeton Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies. The Pew Charitable Trusts underwrote the original development of the archive.



  • National Endowment for the Arts – Research Reports. A comprehensive account of trends and findings related to an NEA-funded arts discipline, to arts participation generally, or to arts access or artist employment. Typically contains original research and detailed statistical analyses.