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Statistical Resources for Latin American and Caribbean Studies: Statista (Business and Marketing Portal)

Statista (Business and Marketing Portal)

Categorized into over 20 market sectors, Statista provides business customers, researchers, and the academic community with direct access to relevant quantitative facts on agriculture, finance, energy, and many more areas of interest.

Searches can be restricted by region. Try Facebook, tourism, cell phones, television (or TV), oil or energy in a search restricted to South and Central America. Restricting to region is a good option when unrestricted searches return an overwhelming number of results (like those for telecommunications). Limits can be set after conducting an initial search.

Be sure to try searching in different ways. For example, searching “cell phones” restricted to South and Central America retrieves only two different stats, one for advertising in Brazil and the other for subscriptions per capita in Latin America as a whole, 1996-2015.  Searching “cell phone,” however, retrieves those two as well as numbers of subscriptions and rates per 100 inhabitants for ten countries, including Mexico.

More about Mexico: South and Central America limited searches do retrieve results for Mexico when data is reported for other Latin American countries as well, which is often the case. But when searching for statistics specifically about Mexico, be sure to try searches unrestricted by region (or in a search restricted to North America only). 

More about limiting by region: if you would expect to get results on a topic in a search limited by region and retrieve nothing, try again in an unrestricted search. For example, “coffee” retrieves nothing in the search limited to South and Central America, but data on Latin American coffee-producing nations is found in the unrestricted search results. This is because the statistics on coffee present data from countries throughout the world, not just South and Central American nations.

Browsing the 20 categories of "Industries" linked from the home page is possible, as well is searching within the individual categories.



Ask Mary Jo Zeter,
Latin American and Caribbean Studies Bibliographer