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U.S. Census Statistics: Census of Agriculture

Census statistics are a rich source of U.S. economic, social and demographic statistics, particularly for small areas and local communities.This is a basic guide to the major U.S censuses.

Agricultural Atlas

Percent of Principal Farm Operators Reporting Primary Occupation as Farming: 2007

Source: Ag Atlas, 2007

Census of Agriculture

The Census of Agriculture was part of the Census of Population and Housing (Decennial Census) until 1920. After 1925, it was conducted at 5-yearly intervals, currently in years ending with -2 and -7.  In 1997, responsibility for the Census of Agriculture was transferred from the Census Bureau (Dept. of Commerce) to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (Dept. of Agriculture). The census provides information on agricultural production, statistics on farms and farm operators, values for crops and livestock and fertilizer use.

Agriculture Census Data

Census of Agriculture News

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