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Michigan Wine and Enology Research Guide: Catalog and Book Search

This guide identifies scholarly information and Michigan-regional resources on wine science, i.e. enology.

Catalog Search

  • The Library catalog is the primary way to find materials within the library. The online catalog lists all of the materials owned and cataloged by the MSU Libraries, both print and electronic journal titles, books, music CDs, government documents, videos & DVDs, and dissertations.
  • SearchPlus is a method to search across books, chapters, ebooks, and articles in a single search. It allows users to search most of the library's online databases and the library catalog at the same time.
  • The Advanced Search of the catalog allows you to search using multiple keywords, subjects, and combine fields like author and title. You can also set limits, including by collection (i.e. the format - periodicals, electronic resources, or any of the special or branch library collections), material type (i.e. maps, dissertations, etc.), location, language, and by a date or range of dates.  Results can be sorted by date (most recent first), alphabetically by title, and by relevance.

Call numbers of interest

Here is a breakdown of Library of Congress call numbers for wine and related subjects:

TP544-559    Wine and winemaking

TP544        Periodicals, societies, congresses, etc.   
TP546        Dictionaries and encyclopedias  
TP546.5    Directories   
TP547.A1-Z    Biography   
TP547.5-548    General works   
TP548.2    Amateurs' manuals   
TP548.5.A-Z    Special topics, A-Z   
TP548.6.A-Z    Special types, A-Z   
        For special types of wines by locality see TP553-559
TP549           History

TP553-559    Special countries  
TP560        Unfermented grape juice. Must  
TP561        Fruit wines. Flower wines  
TP562-562.5    Fruit juices  
     Cf. TP636 Syrups  
     Cf. TP656-657 Noncarbonated fruit beverages  

TP562.A1    Periodicals. Societies. Serials  
TP562.A2    Congresses  
TP562.A3-Z    General works  
TP562.5.A-Z    Special fruit juices, A-Z  
TP563-564    Cider  
TP563        General works  
TP564        Unfermented apple juice  
TP564.5    Perry  
TP565        Fermented milk  
     Including kefir and kumiss
TP568-587    Brewing and malting  
     Cf. TH4531 Brewery design and construction  
TP568    Dictionaries and encyclopedias  
TP569-570    General works  
TP572    Directories  
TP573.A1-Z    History  
TP573.5.A1-Z    Biography  
TP574        Schools  
TP577-579    General special  

TP580-581    Yeast in brewing  
TP583        Water in brewing  
TP585        Hops in brewing  
TP587        Malting and malt  

TP588.A-Z    Other fermented beverages, A-Z  
TP588.G8    Guarapo  
TP588.K86    Kvass  
TP588.M4    Mead  
TP588.P8    Pulque  
TP589-590.6    Distilling  
TP589-590    General works  
TP590.5-.6    History  
TP591.A1-Z    Biography  
TP592        General special  
     Including fermentation of molasses
TP593        Alcohol (Ethanol)  
     Including denatured alcohol
     Cf. HD9399 Economics  
TP594        Wood alcohol (Methanol)  

TP597-607    Distilled liquors  
     Cf. HD9390-9395 Economics  
TP609        Gaging and testing  
     Including tables
     Cf. HF5716.L3-.L5 Gaging of liquids in general  
TP611        Liqueurs. Cordials  
TP612        Compounding. Liquor-makers' receipts  
TP617        Catalogs of liquors  
(TP618)    Adulteration of liquors 

Other Call numbers of relevance:

HD       Business - Agricultural industries - Beverages - Alcoholic beverages - Wines

HD9369.B5-.B7    Bottling
HD9370-9389    Wines

TS      Manufactures - Wood technology. Lumber

TS890    Cooperage. Barrels. Staves

SB     Plant culture - Fruit culture

SB387-399    Grapes and grape culture. Viticulture

Recommended titles

Subject Headings

When conducting a SUBJECT SEARCH of the MSU Libraries online catalog for plants specific to Michigan, use the following subject headings:

Alcoholic Beverage Consumption -- See Drinking of alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic Beverage Industry
Alcoholic Beverage Industry - Licenses - Michigan
Alcoholic Beverages - Michigan
Liquor industry - Michigan
Michigan Liquor Control Commission
Michigan Wine
Michigan Wine And Wine Making
Michigan Wineries
Michigan Wineries Periodicals
Wine And Wine Making
Wineries Michigan



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