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Michigan Pioneer and Historical Collections: Research Guide & Digitized Volumes: Indexes & Other Tools Created By Outside Groups

Classified finding list of the collections of the Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society.

This index was created the Depression-era Work Project Administration to provide access by the time period. The list is divided into three periods:

  • 1600-1798
  • 1798-1861
  • 1861-1926

Within each period are these subdivisions:

  • Official Papers
  • Personal Papers
  • Special Studies
  • Reminiscenes
  • Maps, Portraits, Illustrations and Miscellaneous
  • Biographical Sketches and Genalogies
  • Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society (for 1861-1926 only)

Native American Material in the Michigan Pioneer and Historical Collections

The compilers from Central Michigan University's Clarke Historical Library created this site which focuses "on those entries that dealt directly with Native Americans, discussed them at any length, or were deemed particularly relevant to scholarship. These were given precedence over entries that marginalize Indians or only mention them in passing." This resource contains citations to particular volumes. It provides a few full text essays.

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