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Collection Development Policy Statement: Main Library Reference et. al.

Locations and Sub-Locations in Main Library Reference

D) Locations and sub-locations in Main Library Reference

Most of the Reference collection is in Open Reference (ss), unless there is good reason to put them in another sub-location. Exceptions: there are no Ms/Ns (in Music/Fine Arts), and almost no DTs (in Africana Reference on 2-East). Oversize volumes are accomodated by adjusting shelves, or in a few cases, using atlas cases.  These books circulate only with special permission.

D2. Closed Reference (ssqrf) consists of books kept in lockable cases behind the desk, for staff use or to prevent theft. These books are for in library checkout (2 hrs) only.

D3. Funding Center (ssfou) consists of works about grants, scholarships and foundations. Most of these books circulate for three days.

D4. Career Collection (ca) consists of guides to job seeking, resumes, salaries, and careers in various fields. These books circulate for three days.

D5. Travel Guides consists of guides to destinations, means of travel and attractions.  These used to be non-circulating, but as of 2010 they are purchased on Reference funds and sent to the Main Library Stacks for circulation.

D6. Consulting Reference (cr) is being phased out: it has provided overflow space for works that are older or seldom-used or similar to other publications. In coming years, these books

All previous locations have been combined into the Main Library Reference Collection, or dispersed to the Stacks as of 2010.

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