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Simmons Insights User Guide

Formerly known as Simmons OneView and Simmons Choices3.

Step-by-Step: How to Create a Cross Tab

1. Enter Search Terms

Simmons has a "smart search" feature. Start by typing in keywords to search for a variable. The cross tab search should be the default search option once you log in to Simmons Insights. It can also be reached by clicking on "Cross Tab" in the "Essentials" drop down menu.

Screen shot of simmons insights database smart search screen

2. Create rows or columns

Add variables to either columns or rows by clicking the appropriate button after you have identified your variable(s). Your choice of whether you use columns or rows is up to you, you are creating your own table. Continue adding variables using these steps.

screen shot of simmons insights variable selection screen

3. Create Rows

In order to create a cross tab, you have to create rows to compare with the data in your columns. Search for variables, then add to Rows using the Rows button. It will be helpful to use the options on the left to narrow your variable search, especially when searching for demographic data such as age.

screen shot of simmons insights database demographic row add function

4. Run the Cross Tab

Click the "Run" arrow to run the Cross Tab analysis.

screen shot of simmons insights run cross tab function

5. View your Cross Tab

The default view of the report is the "Private Eye" feature. Use the "Chart Type" menu on the left to display the "Cross Tab View".

screen shot of simmons insights database change chart type feature

6. Export Your Work

The cross tabs you have created can be exported to either an .XLS or .CSV file for you to view and manipulate in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet applications.

You can also save your Cross Tab as a .SPC file. If you return to Simmons Insights at a later time, you can upload the .SPC file to continue where you left off.

screen shot of simmons insights export data feature

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