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Michigan State University

Simmons Insights User Guide

Formerly known as Simmons OneView and Simmons Choices3.

What is Simmons Insights?

Simmons Insights is a great resources that is very useful to understanding your target consumer or customer. Examples of how you can use Simmons include:

  • Create demographic profiles of cyclists, runners, and golfers.
  • Compare demographics of consumers that purchase certain brand names.
  • Analyze how more or less likely a group of consumers might be to participate in a specific activity.

It can be a challenging database to use if you've never used it or anything like it before. This guide will hopefully provide you with step-by-step directions that will help you get started with your research.

Simmons Insights is the *new* interface for Simmons OneView. It still contains demographic information about users of specific consumer products including: what they use, income and education level, what types of media they use, and more.

Logging in to Simmons Insights

When you first open Simmons Insights you will see a screen that asks you to "proceed". Click on "proceed" to access the Simmons Insights database.

screenshot of Simmons Insights log in page