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British Policy in the Middle East, 1914-1948: Online Catalog

This is a guide to researching British policy in the Middle East from 1914-1948. Last updated 05-26-2023

Online Catalog

It is possible to do a quick and dirty, one box keyword search of the contents of the MSU Libraries' web site, starting at the left side of the Libraries' home page.  The results will be sorted into several categories to follow up on:  articles from journals, books/media from our online catalog, databases, library research guides like this one, other.  To learn to do more traditional online catalog searches read on.

Below the general search box, click on Books and Media to search for physical, paper/cloth bound books, paper/cloth bound journals, physical media, such as DVDs or microforms, or individually cataloged electronic items.

In Books and Media, click on the down arrow on the right side of the form, where it says "Catalog."  Choose the type of search you want to do.  In the box to the right put in your search terms.  Enter author's name either last name, first name or first name last name.  Omit initial articles in book titles; include them as they occur within the book title itself.  To search by L.C. subject heading, it may be better to use the Browse Alphabetically by Subject lower down in the list than Catalog: Subject, because those results will show the surrounding subject headings and number of hits retrieved.  See below for more about subject headings.  After you receive your results, notice that you can filter them in various ways, by using the facets along the left side of the page.

Advanced Search allows for combination of more than one search aspect, such as author and title, several keywords, or subject heading and keywords, etc.

Below the general search box, click on E Books and Journals to search for journals in electronic form or individual electronic books that will have been received by the Library in a package.  You may need to check both Books and Media and E Books and Journals to find your electronic book.

Subject headings are words and phrases established by the Library of Congress that describe a work based on what a cataloger determines it is actually about.  Below are some subject headings relevant to work on British policy in the Middle East from 1914-1948.  Organizations and individuals may also be subjects; they are not listed here comprehensively.  For more possibilities consult the Library of Congress' List of Subject Headingsa set of fat red books found in Reference at Z 696...

Arab countries--history--20th c.

Arab countries--history--Arab Revolt, 1916-1918

Arab countries--politics and government

Arab nationalism

Balfour declaration

Ben Gurion, David, 1886-1973

Bevin, Ernest,  1881-1951

Great Britain--colonies--history

Great Britain--foreign relations--20th c.

Great Britain--foreign relations--1901-1936

Great Britain--foreign relations--1936

Great Britain--foreign relations--1936-1945

Great Britain--history--20th c.

Great Britain--history--George V, 1910-1936

Great Britain--history--Edward VIII, 1936

Great Britain--history--George VI, 1936-1952

Great Britain--politics and government--20th c.

Great Britain--politics and government, 1910-1936

Great Britain--politics and government, 1936

Great Britain--politics and government, 1936-1945

Haganah Organization

Hejaz (Saudi Arabia)



Iraq--history--Revolt, 1920


Iraq--history--Hashemite Kingdom, 1921-1958


Jewish-Arab relations--history--1917-1948

Jewish Agency

Jewish nationalism


Jordan--history--20th c.



Jordan--politics and government

League of Nations


Mandates--Great Britain



Mandates--Middle East


Middle East

Middle East--politics and government-1914-1945






Palestine--history--Arab Rebellion--1936-1939

Palestine--history--Arab riots, 1920 [or 1949]

Palestine--history--Proposed Partition, 1937

Palestine--history--Partition, 1947

Palestine--politics and government, 1917-1948

Paris Peace Conference, 1919-1920

Partition, territorial

Samuel, Herbert Louis Vicount, 1870-1963



Terrorism--religious aspects


World Zionist Organization