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Kinesiology Library Research Guide: Kinesiology Related Scholarly Web Sites

Kinesiology Guide

Kinesiology Web sites


  • Coaching Science Abstracts

    These abstracts interpret research articles for practicing coaches and others interested in applied sport science. Some dated articles are included because their content is still current. Most articles are interpreted for coaches of elite athletes and programs. Between six and eight issues per year will be provided. Courtesy of the San Diego State University Department of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences.
  • Human Kinetics

    Your internet entrance to over 30 gateways to information on physical activity. Categories include but are not limited to: adapted physical activity, aging and physical activity, athletic training and sports rehabilitation, biomechanics of exercise and sport, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, physiology of exercise and sport, psychology of exercise and sport, and recreation and leisure. There are also links to individual sports and activities, as well as a portal to the publications of Human Kinetics.
  • An easy-to-use searchable directory of sport websites and full-text covering topics such as sports medicine, physical fitness and coaching. Also contains a search engine. Provided by the Sport Information Resource Centre
  • Sportscience

    A peer reviewed site for sport science hosted by the International Sports Sciences Association. Articles can also be searched by topic such as sports medicine, sport nutrition, statistics, etc.

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