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Michigan State University

SimplyAnalytics User Guide

Filtering Data

SimplyAnalytics only allows you to show one variable at a time on the map. However, you are able to filter your map with another variable. For example, we may want to see households with income greater than or above $50,000 that ate ice cream in the last six months. Here's how to create a data filter:

You'll find the data filter option in the upper right side of the screen. Click on it, and a window will open. 

You'll have to select the variable and criteria of that variable. Click Apply and close the window. (Note: you will have had to select the variable ahead of time in the map in order for it to show up as an option in the filtering unless it is one of the default variables like income. 


The map will filter out the non-applicable areas. You can turn off or edit the filter at any time.