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Michigan State University

Michigan State University: Yearbook and Commencement

A guide to locating information about MSU and its history


The MSU Yearbook is currently called the Red Cedar Log.

For those hoping to locate an earlier edition of the yearbook, here is a chronology (with links to library records):

1998 --                  Red Cedar Log

1996                     Michigan State University 1996 Seniors

1993 - 1995          Red Cedar Annual

1976 - 1992          Red Cedar Log

1910 - 1975          Wolverine

1907                     Jubilee Wolverine

1904                     Glück-auf

1900                     The Wolverine

1896                     The Heliostat

1887 - 1889          The Harrow

Select older yearbook issues digitized by MSU Archives are available online. An ongoing project to have all the MSU Yearbooks digitized is currently available through the MSU Libraries Digital Repository. The Red Cedar Log from 1976 to 2022 is available online.


Want to know if someone graduated?  Available options:

Annual Commencement  State Agricultural College. 1866-1908.  University Archives only.

Annual Commencement.  Michigan Agricultural College  1909-1924.  Main Library has 1923, Archives has back to 1909.

Annual Commencement.  Michigan State College.  1924-1955  LD3245.M41 A2

Commencement. Michigan State University 1955-2012  LD3245.M41 A2

Report of the Registrar for the year...  Michigan State College. 1946/47-1952/53   LD3245.M007

  • Individual names are listed, with degrees granted, for years 1946-1948.  When enrollment hit 16,000 in 1948/49, this ceased 

Most commencement programs have been digitized by MSU Archives and are available online. Information about commencement speakers and copies of some speeches can be found in the University Archives & Historical Collections.

Many MSU Commencement speeches are available in the Vincent Voice Library.  A keyword search for Michigan State and Commencement will bring many up in the catalog.