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Citation Management Tools: Introduction

Good citation practices are an important part of contributing to the scholarly community and adhering to MSU's academic integrity standards. Properly citing references is necessary when publishing in both scholarly and informal formats. Citation management tools can help organize and generate citations to assist with you this process from research to publication. Dependent on the tool you use, their features can allow you to:

  • Organize citations from library databases
  • Find full-text PDF's from citations
  • Share citations with others
  • Add citations to Microsoft Word documents and easily change citation styles
  • Generate bibliographies

Although EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero vary in their features, it also important to also keep in mind which citation management tool your  peers, colleagues and/or research team generally use when choosing a citation management tool. This will allow you to more easily collaborate and share citations.

Citation Management Tools

Brief overview of software that helps to organize and manage citations.

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Video credit: Emilia Marcyk (with Deborah Margolis)

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