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Collection Development Policy Statement: Iberian Studies

Analysis of the Subject Field

A. Chronology of the Subject: Emphases/Restrictions

Works on Iberian pre-history, antiquities and archaeology published in Spanish or Portuguese are not collected. Works published on these subjects in English are very selectively acquired.

B. Languages of Resources Collected:

Resources for Iberian studies are collected in English, Castilian Spanish and very selectively in Portuguese. A strong collection of resources in Castilian Spanish supports literary and related cultural studies. English language resources support literary and cultural studies and additional subject areas as described in the section "Purpose and Scope of the Collection."

Resources in the other languages of Spain (Catalonian, Galician, Basque) are not collected, although a small number of reference and language study materials, especially for the study of Catalan, have been acquired in the past. Catalan has been taught at MSU, but not in recent years. Faculty purchase requests for specific works in any of the languages of Spain are honored, when possible.

Portuguese language materials about Portugal and by or about Portuguese literary authors are currently not collected. Major figures in Portuguese literature however, are represented in the collection in Portuguese language editions, as well as in translations into English. Works published in Portugal on topics known to be of interest to faculty researchers, such as Early Modern period Portuguese exploration and colonization and the slave trade, are very selectively acquired.

C. Geography of the Subject: Emphasis/Restrictions

Iberian studies refers to the study of the peoples and cultures of the Iberian Peninsula--Spain and Portugal. New World Hispanic and Lusophone (Brazil) studies collections are described in the collection policy statement for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

D. Format for Resources Collected: Restrictions, if Any

No restrictions. Gifts in obsolete audiovisual formats, for example, VHS tapes or vinyl sound recordings, are generally not accepted.

E. Date of Publications Collected: Emphasis, if Any

The collecting emphasis is on new works. New critical editions of Spanish literature classics and contemporary classics are acquired through standing orders for two high quality publishers' series.

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