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Collection Development Policy Statement: Iberian Studies

Levels of Collecting Intensity*

Call Number Ranges Subjects Level
BR Christianity in Spain 3b
BL/BP/BR Islam in Spain & the Iberian Peninsula 3b
BX The Church in Spain 3b
DP 1-402 History of Spain 3c
DP 505-(900.22) History of Portugal 3a
DS 133-151 Jews & Marranos in Spain, Iberian Peninsula 3c
HC Economic History & Conditions in Spain, Portugal 3a
HN/HQ Social History, Family & Women in Spain 3c
HN/HQ Social History, Family & Women in Portugal 3a
HT Communities, Classes, and Race in Spain 3c
HT Communities, Classes and Race in Portugal 3a
HX Socialism in Spain 3b
JN Politics in Spain 2b-3b
PC 4001-4977 Spanish language (not limited to Spain) 4
PC 5001-5498 Portuguese language (not limited to Portugal) 3a
PN Film & Performing arts, Spain 3c
PN Film & Performing arts, Portugal 2b
PQ 6001-8929 Spanish literature (just Spain) 4
PQ 9000-9326 Portuguese literature (just Portugal) 2b
Z Bibliography of Spain (literature) 4
Z Bibliography of Portugal 3a


Level 4 "Research Level" indicates a collection that contains the "major published source materials required for doctoral study and independent research."

Level 3 collections provide "Study or Instructional Support," from basic through advanced. Levels 3a, 3b, and 3c are subdivisions indicating increasing collection depth. Level 3 collections support study from the undergraduate to the Masters degree, "as well as other specialized inquiries," which may be interpreted to mean preliminary dissertation level research at level 3c.

Level 2 indicates a collection of "Basic Information" resources, 2a being introductory and 2b advanced.

   *The primary collection level indicators (0-5) are those of the RLG Conspectus. The chart above utilizes the WLN Conspectus definitions which include subdivisions to provide a total of 10 collection depth indicators. See chart on Columbia University Libraries web page.

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