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Collection Development Policy Statement: Iberian Studies

Collection Management

Lost or missing monographs: An effort is made to replace missing items judged to be of particular value or interest locally, even if no longer in print.

Journals: Missing journal issues or serial reports are sometime available to fill gaps in serial holdings. Filling serial gaps, renewing, and canceling serial subscriptions is part of an ongoing serials review process carried out by the Iberian Studies Selector.

Gifts: Gifts are very judiciously accepted. Appropriate materials that fall within the parameters of the collection (scholarly, current, good condition) may be accepted; duplicate copies of materials already held are not accepted. The costs of processing gift materials and space pressures in particular necessitate limited gift acceptance.

Deselection: Multiple copies and identical or very similar editions are reviewed for deslection as part of an ongoing collection renewal project in the Main Library general stacks. Similarly, print journals for which electronic backfiles are available may be withdrawn; shelf space in the Main library stacks is very limited. Extremely brittle books and in some cases obsolete formats (audio-visual) may also be withdrawn.

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